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Where to buy paithani sarees in Hyderabad

by RAVI SHINDE 23 May 2024
Where to buy paithani sarees in Hyderabad

The booming digital economy is fuelling the spread of fake paithani sarees. However, these fake sarees are ruining the livelihood of the classic paithani industry. But you know how to see fake sarees which look original.

To find a real paithani saree, study its designs on both sides. These sides are mirror shots of each other. In contrast, fake sarees have visible threads on other flanks and are machine-made. Real paithani sarees use certain hues, and they are sober. These are some features that describe real paithani saree. But do not worry, visit us at Om Paithani Silk and Sarees to Cheap Semi Paithani Saree Seller in Hyderabad. Let’s read more in this blog.

The finest Silk material is used to handcraft Paithani sarees. Originally these sarees originate from Pathan, a small village in Maharashtra. The amazing weaving process is a special thing that separates Paithani sarees from others. From yarn staining to knitting, the whole process is done by worker’s hand. In Paithani sarees, the body of the saree is woven using handlooms. The border and pallu are woven similarly to tapestries.

Due to this, Paithani sarees are soft and airy. Even the layout and the motifs of Paithani sarees are unique. A saree’s motifs are created by interlocking-colored threads and linking them to the warp. Moreover, even if you look at the saree’s reverse side, it will still look lovely.

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Factors to think about while buying a real Paithani saree.

  • Material

You can test the silk by scorching several threads from the bend and filling. There should be a human hair smell to genuine Paithanis. A scent does not necessarily mean high quality but discerns natural products from artificial ones. 

  • Pallu 

In Paithani sarees, the front and back are identical, thanks to manual weaving techniques.

  • Border

Even the most basic Paithani sarees have a unique border. Variations of this design appear in square or tilted shapes.

  • Colour

Since handloom threads use raw tints, this is why real sarees are available in certain colours. The Colours are purple, green, yellow, red, and peach-pink. But these are strong and have a long life. However, power loom Paithanis come in a wide variety of colours.

  • Weight

True sarees are heavy due to the natural dyes, colours, and silver and gold thread. Compared to lighter machine-made sarees, the heavier ones require much more maintenance.

  • Fabrication time

It takes one year to weave a basic original Paithani saree on a handloom. The creation of a more complex design can take up to two years. 

On the other hand, one saree made on a power loom takes only five days to two weeks, making it much more affordable than original sarees.

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The bottom line,

These are some features that separate real paithani sarees from fake sarees. When buying sarees, you have to think about these factors. Want to buy Original Paithani Saree Price in Hyderabad? But don’t worry. Visit Om Paithani & Silk Sarees to buy real paithani sarees.
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