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Choosing a Paithani saree: Why these are popular for festivals

by RAVI SHINDE 24 May 2024
Choosing a Paithani saree: Why these are popular for festivals
Subtly and sensually, it matches every Indian woman. Due to this, every female gets so much praise as they look so beautiful after wearing Paithani sarees. In addition, to the deep weaving tradition, Paithani sarees have become famous garments around the world. However, it is a perfect option for any event, and it may be a festival, wedding, or other function. Nothing is more lovely than wearing this type of saree for a party or a formal meeting.

Our country is enhanced with different forms of sarees, and each state has its riff on the sarees. Om Paithani And Silk Saree’s are known for providing saree lovers with a great range of classic sarees. They can be worn on different occasions.

Paithani Sarees: Its Origin

Paithani Sarees take their name from a town near Aurangabad called Paithan. This city is located in the great state of Maharashtra.

And it is notable due to the exact place to buy Paithani silk sarees. Paithani is the Handloom silk saree that is known for its brilliance. If you cannot go to Aurangabad to buy Paithani sarees, you can reach Om Paithani And Silk Saree’s. They offer various types of sarees at attractive prices.

Paithani Silk Weaving Using a Raised Pitloom

The weaving of a Paithani needs more time. This saree’s previous base was cotton, which now has a pure silk base. Paithani sarees already contain silk only in the weft and fringe of the saree. Raised pit loom sarees do not even hint at cotton. Therefore, it has entirely transformed into a silk saree.

The design and exclusivity of Paithani

Paithani sarees have great strength, so to study their essence, you should look at the pallu zone and outskirt that are prepared with determining covers. The Pallu, however, mostly has a great base and is supported by Silk design. The Silk design, in the end, gives a unique look to the Paithani saree. Wearers will appreciate the light and shadow effect created by two-color silk threads. These sarees are made in more brilliant hues Of Red, purple, green, fuchsia, and pink.

Paithani Sarees: Themes

Paithani silk sarees feature parrots, coins, petals, lotuses, coconuts, fans, and even designs taken from traditional sculptures. Paithani is designed according to the motifs created by the weaver. The term “Tota-Maina Paithani” refers to designs using parrot patterns. But “Bangdi-mor” refers to designs featuring peacocks.

Those who find these designs and themes engaging can visit the Om Paithani And Silk Saree’s in Nashik to buy these elegant sarees. A Paithani saree can also be a beautiful wedding outfit. Women can wear Paithani sarees in any of their formal capacities. Paithani designs always reign over traditional sarees, and wedding sarees are highly mainstream.
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