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Where to buy paithani sarees in Bangalore

by RAVI SHINDE 23 May 2024
Where to buy paithani sarees in Bangalore

Paithanis are the racial and refined collection of our all-time favourite saree. Today, we can discover a vast range of marks and materials for this saree. So, the queries stay the same: how do you choose an ideal match for you? But now it is easy to choose a cheap Semi-Paithani Saree Seller in Bangalore. Visit us at Om Paithani Silk and Sarees. Three unique qualities define Paithanis- MOTIFS, COLOURS, and WEAVING. Let’s read more in this blog.


For around 2000 years, royal paithani sarees have stood apart from all other sarees with their classic lace designs. 

Fine art from the Peshwa era shows a flowering wine motif called Asawali. Most women love floral art finished with 7-8 colours. 

The costliest paithani sarees are with bangdi-mor, or the bangle-and-peacock have evident marks on the pallu. Borders often have tota-maina or muniya motifs with green leaves. Narali, a classic coconut border, was most famous in the old times. Many other patterns are also famous, such as lotus, panja, Barwa, and geometric marks. Like to buy Original Paithani Saree Price in Bangalore, Visit us at Om Paithani and Silk sarees.


The unique part of this paithani sarees is the shades of colour. These shades and hues range from shining, vivid colours to the eyes, but they are simple and rich. Flowers, rocks, plants, and vegetables are mixed with natural dyes for colouring. The sarees are typed into 3 colours, For a black saree with a red border, Kalichandrakala, Raghu for a parrot green sari, and Shiroda for a pure white saree. During the designing process, the paithani is given its charming look thanks to its colours along the border and pallu. Now you can get a Marathi Paithani Saree Bangalore. You have to visit us at Om Paithani and Silk Sarees.


There is something special about weaving because every thread is carefully woven together into a heavenly structure. As the weaver focuses only on the colours and marks, the real skill comes into play.

According to the weaving method, it is a border saree or a kadiyal border saree with two colours used in the knitting process. There is also the ekdhoti saree, usually with simple motifs and a narali border.

Visit us at Om Paithani and Silk Sarees to buy sarees in different colours.

The bottom line,

After reading this blog, you can easily classify paithani saree according to your choice. Suppose you are looking to Buy Silk Paithani Saree online. Do not worry, Om Paithani and Silk Sarees is here. Here you will get a various choice of sarees.
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