OM Paithani And Silk Saree is world’s famous Yeola Paithani saree manufacturing Unit. Here you get maharashtrian traditional Handloom saree made from very fine silk. A fabric purely hand loom with delicate designing and exclusive color combinations takes from 1 month to 1 years to make one sari as per design on it.The Speciality of OM Paithani And Silk Saree fancy pallu paithani saree and brocade border and all over design brocade paithani saree. Yeola Paithani Saree is very exclusively worn on special occasions, weddings and it gives a royal feel and look to a person wearing it. It is known for its rich pattern printed on Borders and Pallu.

OM Paithani And Silk Saree is characterised by borders of an oblique square design and a pallu with a peacock design Sarees to our every customer. The quality fabric and incredible designs has routed our customers to go OM Paithani And Silk Saree to again and again. Our impressive services, price efficient and price reasonable range have won the trust of our customers and that we have received many complements for an equivalent. The simplicity, beauty and delicateness in wearing of a lady come from the art of labor and fabric she carries. Our exclusive ranges of heavy border Paithani Sarees with block designs on border and fine woven pallu attracts the glamour of the occasion. Our offer counts in beautiful range of Handloom Yeola Paithani & Brocket Paithani Sarees. The supreme patterns, high level of soothe and finer fabric qualities confirm high prices from every segment of consumer.

We are ISO Certified And Silk Mark Certified for manufacturing of Quality Product

Email: ompaithanireal@gmail.com

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