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A comparison between fake and genuine Paithani Sarees

by RAVI SHINDE 24 May 2024
A comparison between fake and genuine Paithani Sarees

Due to the thriving digital economy, fake Paithani sarees have become a drift in global markets and south Asia. This has put the incomes in danger of the classic handloom Paithani business.

The real Paithani sarees have only a few portions that differ from fake ones. However, finding the real one is very difficult, and you will waste your money if you buy a fake one. Get the original Paithani Saree Price in Mumbai with OM Paithani and Silk Sarees. Let’s read more in this blog.

Traits of Genuine Paithanis Sarees 

  • Every Paithani saree is real and crafted carefully. Even the most like plans have minor riffs. Every pallu is unique due because they are handcrafted.
  • They wear them on the head or over the shoulder due to their free, woven ends.
  • Pallus are available in a variety of designs. 
  • Pallu and lines are vague on the backs and fronts.
  • A weaver knits one tone breadth wise and another lengthwise.
  • Paithanis are very costly and have gems and charms lining the margins.
  • They never lose their shine due to the gold/silver string and natural colors and tones used in genuine Paithanis. Due to this, they need more care than cheaper machine-made sarees. We offer the original Paithani Saree Price in Mumbai. You cannot miss buying the Paithani saree for the price we offer. 

Traits of Fake Paithani Saree 

  • Paithanis created from machine lines has a frame of bars on the other side. However, forgers use a variety of plannings to make their fake goods appear fair.
  • Power loom variations allow for even more themes.  The machines are capable of more subtlety, primarily with minor parts.
  • The fake one shines less as compared to the real Paithani saree.
  • Pallu and line tones contrast strongly.

Get the Paithani sarees online at OM Paithani and Silk Sarees. 

The bottom line,

Want to buy the real Paithani Saree? Don’t worry. OM Paithani and Silk Sarees will offer you the best Paithani saree for wedding

You will surely buy the Paithani saree from us. We provide the best Paithani saree price as compared to our competitors.

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