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Paithani sarees you must add to your wardrobe

by RAVI SHINDE 24 May 2024
Paithani sarees you must add to your wardrobe

Paithani sarees for every occasion are a big “Yes.” The reason is it looks luxurious by making the overall look of the women gracious. This whole credit goes to the uniqueness of paithani sarees, making them world famous. A famous artist weaves it by hand with pure silk thread and zari pallu, which sets this garment apart from others. However, the whole process of making this saree, from dyeing to weaving, is done by hand. 

So, when you have any occasion to attend, please don’t give it a second thought and drape a paithani saree to make everyone jealous of your looks. In short, you will be the show-stealer in that part without any doubt. Moreover, if you are the one who is looking forward to buying cheap semi-paithani saree sellers in Mumbai for the coming festivals, then through this post, we will help you to choose the perfect paithani saree. So, let’s get started: –

  1. Bengali more paithani saree

As paithani saree belongs to Maharashtra, Bangadi means ‘bangle’ and more means ‘peacock.’ So, in the Maharashtrian language Bangadi means bangle in a peacock, or peacock is woven in the shape of a bangle on the saree. This famous motif is usually woven on pallu, the universal design you will see in the paithani saree. No doubt most women like this design.

  1. Munia Brocade paithani saree

Munia is known as Parrot in Marathi. On this saree, you will see parrots weaved on the border and the pallu. However, the parrots woven on the saree are usually of leaf green shade, also known as ‘tota-maina.’ This saree design is also very famous among women who love to wear sarees.

  1. Ekdhoti weave paithani saree

This saree, known as Ekdhoti, is one of the best as it looks attractive and elegant, among others. The reason is it is weaved with the single shuttle on the weft. Apart from that, the warp yarn’s shade differs from the weft yarns. This type of saree comes with a narali border and simple butti designs like peas and coins.

  1. Brocade paithani saree

This is another type of paithani saree you must own in your wardrobe. This saree lines the border with brocade which makes it unique from others—however, the more intricate the brocade work, the more expensive the saree.

  1. Paithani saree in traditional shades

No paithani saree looks fantastic in almost every shade. Still, the most favorite colors are Kali Chandrakala (red border with jet black saree), Raghu (parrot green shade), and the last one is Shirodak (Pure white). 

The bottom line

So, make everyone stunt after wearing a paithani saree from a cheap semi-paithani saree seller in Mumbai. However, you can visit Om Paithani and Silk saree for more options. 

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