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Best place to buy Paithani sarees

by RAVI SHINDE 23 May 2024
Best place to buy Paithani sarees

In Aurangabad, Maharashtra, where the first hand-made Paithani saree was found, the saree is named after the town of Paithan. Maharashtrian brides must have Paithani sarees as part of their bridal gown.

Every Maharashtrian girl needs a Paithani saree for special events. Many brides have worn a stylish version of this classic weave. Want to buy Marathi Paithani Saree Pune? Contact us at Om Paithani and Silk Sarees.

It is typical for Paithani sarees to be bright and shiny, adorned with patterns such as lotuses, parrots, and peacocks. Its weave looks the similar on equally sides. One way to discern a Paithani saree from a fake is this feature. From Om Paithani and Silk Sarees, you can easily Buy Silk Paithani Saree online

How much do Paithani sarees cost?

These often have a premium cost in the market because of their light work and formal handwoven design. They are made of golden thread and silk, adding to the rich plea of these sarees. The cost of this extremely lovely saree starts from approximately INR 10,000 and goes up to INR 3,00,000.

A genuine Paithani saree costs more than a fake. However, real Paithani sarees are handwoven, while machine-created duplicate ones are easily available in the market. Looking for a Cheap Semi Paithani Saree Seller in chennai. Do not worry. Reach us at Om Paithani and Silk Sarees.

Paithani Saree types you should know 

  • Mor Bangdi 

The motifs of this pattern are difficult to weave, and they are some of the oldest. With colorful akruti motifs of flowers, peacocks, mor bangdi, and muniya patterns, the gold zari tissue pallu is a stunning piece of Indian clothing.

  • Ekdhoti Paithani

There is only one shuttle used for weaving the weft in this Paithani. There is, however, a color difference between the warp and weft yarns. Its features are its narali border and a simple border with coins and peas.

  • Munia Brocade

Munia is a word used to describe a parrot. Parrots are laced on the pallu and at this paithani saree edge. Parrots usually have green leaves.

Are you in need of Original Paithani Saree Price in Mumbai. Reach us at Om Paithani and Silk Sarees

  • Tissue Border Paithani

Many designs on the pallu of Paithani with tissue borders, including peacocks, lotuses, and parrots.

The bottom line,

There are many varieties of Paithani sarees available. Looking for a Cheap Semi Paithani Saree Seller in Mumbai. No need to worry. Om Paithani and Saree is here to offer Buy Silk Paithani Saree online.

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