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Facts about Maharashtrian Paithani sarees that will make you fall in love

by RAVI SHINDE 24 May 2024
Facts about Maharashtrian Paithani sarees that will make you fall in love

Facts about Maharashtrian Paithani sarees that will make you fall in love

India is a diversity of handlooms where you will see many levels of attention if you talk sarees. Indian women love to wear sarees on almost every occasion; that’s why they never go out of fashion. Right from Chanderi to Benarasi, you will find many types of sarees in Indian women’s wardrobes. However, one such impressive handloom hand-woven by the artist with pure silk is Paithani sarees. It is one of the staple garments of Maharashtrian women, especially brides; you can buy silk paithani saree online. 

So, let’s discuss some of the true facts about Paithani sarees, which are famous worldwide. They are: –

  1. This paithani saree is made with pure silk threads manufactured in China, and if you talk about zari, it is spun locally. Every piece of Paithani saree has gold and floral, bird, and musical instrument motifs. 
  2. If you talk about modern paithani saree, silk threads are grown in Bangalore, and the zari is sourced from Surat.
  3. You will be surprised to know that Paithani Sarees are not heavy as a 6 yards saree; they only need 500 grams of silk threads and 250 grams of zari threads. Apart from that, if you talk about 9 yards of Paithani saree, it uses some other raw material and weighs around 900 grams. 
  4. The best part of the paithani saree is its weaving style. That means they are weaved like Gara embroidery that leaves no threads hanging, so it will not entangle any of your accessories. 
  5. You will be surprised to know that one paithani saree takes around six months to two years, depending on the design.
  6. In the past, the paithani saree was made from cotton, but these days due to its high demand, silk is the primary material that makes this saree elegant. 

The bottom line

For years Paithani saree has been making women look appealing and elegant. It is a treasure that can be used for many years and passed from one generation to another with time. So, if you are looking for one, you can buy a silk paithani saree online or from the offline store at the best price. However, you can visit Om Pithani and Silk sarees for more information. 

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