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Latest paithani saree designs you must have

by RAVI SHINDE 23 May 2024
Latest paithani saree designs you must have

Latest paithani saree designs you must have

Paithani sarees are acceptable for weddings as they make the bride and bridesmaid look classy and graceful! Both its kaleidoscopic effect and square oblique border are widely recognized. Therefore, when you have a wedding celebration to attend, don’t think twice; simply wear a paithani saree. You’re going to steal the show. And don’t worry; because you found yourself on our website, we’ll assist you in selecting the ideal one.

What patterns are frequently seen on a Paithani sari?

The glossy weave allows for a happy blending of colors that subtly gives the appearance of changing colors. Parrots, peacocks, and lotuses are among the classic themes; nevertheless, during the Peshwa time, the Hans motif, the Ashraffi pattern, and the Asawalli motif were equally well-liked.


How has the fabric changed over time?

Paithani changed from having a cotton basis to one with a silk base over time. The Paithani saree is no longer made with any cotton at all. The biggest change in design, aside from the complexity of patterns and the revival of old, intricate ones, is that weavers have switched from small borders to larger ones. They have also tried altering the silhouette of the sari so that it can now accommodate a variety of motifs, including those imported from other regions, like the Tree of Life.

Why do the brides love the style?

A fundamental aspect of Maharashtrian culture is the Paithani sari. It is the Kanchipuram sari to the South and is regarded as the queen of saris. It is a must for all Maharashtrians on happy occasions, festive times, and weddings. Like gara stitching, a Paithani weave leaves no threads dangling. Brides sigh relief since it is completely sealed and doesn’t mess with jewelry.


How long does it take to weave this cloth, and what is the process?

To ensure the precision of the weave, the loom’s preparation is crucial. The weaver’s measured and leisurely coordination of hand, foot, and eye to construct a free-flowing, handcrafted sari determine how quickly the sari will be woven. There are no further weft-forming figures on the sari’s body. The two main methods of weaving used to create the figure weave are the split tapestry weave, the interlocking method, and the dove-tailing method.


Paithani sarees are an outgrowing trend that makes you look like a royal diva. This is an elegant style that every Indian woman loves to adorn. Want to add one paithani saree to your wardrobe? Choose the best paithani from the Om Paithani collection today.

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