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Getting Ready as a Bride in Paithani Lehengas

by RAVI SHINDE 23 May 2024
Getting Ready as a Bride in Paithani Lehengas

Getting Ready as a Bride in Paithani Lehengas

Lehangas made in Paithani are prized heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, it should go without saying that they are frequently costly, depending on the fineness and richness of each Lehanga. Each bridal Paithani Lehanga is meticulously woven with jewels and genuine silver and gold threads. Like any Lehanga, how a Paithani is draped may make or break its appearance.

Adding charm to your look with a Paithani Lehenga

There are several draping options available for Paithani Lehangas, especially wedding ones. The most typical draping designs are:

Traditional, Peshwai and contemporary drapes. Of course, these Lehangas can also be draped in conventional ways with an open or pleated dupatta. Now, these Lehangas may also be seen in ready-to-wear designer conceptions.


Blouse Styles

The best way to dress up or down your Lehangas is through your chosen blouse. While Lehanga’s coordinating blouse fabric will give you an ethnic appearance, you may also select more contemporary textiles like net or georgette. You may also play around with your necklines by considering how you want to drape your Lehanga before deciding which neck will highlight it the most.

An updated twist

A contemporary component not only gives your appearance a surprising touch but also appeals to new-age brides more. Your Lehanga may instantly seem current by adding stylish necklines like cold shoulder or off-the-shoulder and modern materials like lace, net, and georgette.

Cosmetics Matter

In India, weddings and cosmetics have grown to be synonymous. Makeup can draw attention to your best features, which makes the clothing look better suited to you. Subtle makeup styles will let your rich, beautiful silk Lehanga stand out more. There are a few things to take in mind because these Lehangas are hefty and glossy.


The correct shoes not only keep your feet cosy for a long time, but they also make your Lehanga drape more seductively. Make sure to choose your shoes with Lehanga’s draping technique in mind.


Simple yet elegant, these Lehangas may be draped and styled in various ways, which is why modern brides still choose them. Keep these pointers in mind for a distinctive bridal style if you are also looking for the most beautiful Paithani Lehanga for your bridal trousseau, mainly to wear to your wedding ceremony. Grab the best paithani lehenga from Om Paithani and look like a royal princess.

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