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Which Paithani Saree Is Best For You?

by RAVI SHINDE 23 May 2024
Which Paithani Saree Is Best For You?

Which Paithani Saree Is Best For You?

Paithani sarees are available in a variety of designs and colors. These sarees have been a part of our country’s rich culture for a long time. Traditional artisans create beautiful patterns using different colors and give a perfect look to these sarees. Not only are these sarees loved by the ladies, but as there is a huge demand, young girls also love to adorn them. If you are looking forward to shopping for the best quality saree, then try out the collection from Om Paithani and grab yours now.

Different paithani sarees to choose from

Here is a list of the different sarees that you can try out and choose the one that suits your personality:

Traditional Paithani Saree:

This type of Paithani saree features a classic design with a broad pallu and intricate zari work. It is available in various colors and also comes in multicolor patterns.

Half-and-Half Paithani Saree:

This type of Paithani saree features two contrasting colors on the top and bottom half. The pallu and borders usually have a contrasting color and feature intricate zari work.

Peacock Paithani Saree:

This type of Paithani saree is characterized by intricate peacock motifs woven in zari. The pallu and borders of the saree feature a peacock design, while the body of the saree is typically plain.

Cotton Paithani Saree:

This type of Paithani saree is a modern take on the traditional Paithani saree. It features contemporary designs, such as geometric shapes and abstract patterns, while retaining the intricate zari work.


Paithani sarees are in huge demand, and you must have seen celebrities wearing them on several occasions. These sarees are simple and vibrant, so you can wear them anytime. Whether a daytime wedding or a night one, a paithani saree will add a royal charm to your personality and make you look like a diva.

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