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Where to buy paithani sarees in Yeola

by RAVI SHINDE 23 May 2024
Where to buy paithani sarees in Yeola

Paithani sarees have a special place in every bride’s gown. As one of India’s finest silk sarees, they are extremely popular. When the bride wears these paithani sarees, they look lovely and cute. There’s nothing quite like Paithani sarees, which are dark colors with hand-knitted gold Zari on the pallu and border. Are you searching for an original paithani saree price in Mumbai? Call or reach us at Om Paithani and Silk  Sarees to find out more about them. Let’s read more in this blog about finding real and fake sarees.

What Does a Paithani Saree Look Like?

However, the edge and pallu are usually the accents of Paithani sarees. There are intricate peacock patterns on golden zari fabrics on its signature pallu. The most popular Paithani pallu motifs are:

  • Mor 
  • Bangadi mor 
  • Munia/tota-maina 

Paithani sarees also feature musical instrument marks like tablas, shehnais, sambals, and tanpuras. Buy silk paithani saree online at Om Paithani and Silk Sarees. We offer the sarees at the best prices.

How to find a real paithani saree?

Real paithani sarees are made with pure silk and Zari. But due to, the rising demand for cheap sarees has given birth to fake options as well You need to know the difference between a real paithani saree and a fake one if you want to buy one.

The main difference between pure and fake paithani saree is to learn about design elements. Paithani sarees have a zari threadwork of gold and silver along the border and pallu and are hand-knitted. The amazing weaving techniques employed make the various types of paithani sarees different from the rest. The whole process, from yarn Dyeing to weaving, is done by an expert artisan. Handlooms weave the main body of the saree. Sarees made from this silk are extremely delicate & fine. Planning to buy a cheap semi paithani saree seller in Chennai. Visit Om Paithani and silk sarees. Here you will find varieties of paithani sarees.

The bottom line,

It is best to buy the original paithani sarees as they have shine and you will look cute and appealing after wearing them. Don’t worry if you are looking for Marathi paithani saree Pune. Reach Om Paithani and silk sarees. 
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