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The best features of having pathani sarees

by RAVI SHINDE 23 May 2024
The best features of having pathani sarees

A Paithani silk saree for the bride’s sways superlative in a Marathi wedding ceremony. This royal saree dates back more than 2000 years, which means it was an essential part of women’s clothes in the Mughal, Maratha and Nizam periods. The pure paithani sarees in Mumbai are handmade or hand knitted to such meticulousness that designs that look inlaid in the textile. 

Different Types of Paithani Sarees: 

  • Self or Distinguish Border: If a jute saree’s ease and perfectly grasp your consideration, a paithani silk sarees in Mumbai come with a self-edge, would, without doubt, have the same opinion as you. However, a distinguish margin increases the burst of colour to modest designs.
  • Single or Dual Tone: The paithani saree Mumbai colour is the perfect combination of silks. It has many exclusive features that make the wearer excel in the crowd, and the photographs are fantastic. These sarees come in many eye-catching double tones that intensify prosperity.

  • Self or Zari Motifs: The Puneri original paithani sarees in Mumbai are readily available, boasting features in self and zari design ranges and every knitted sarees for various wearer choices.

How to Use Paithani Sarees for Different Occasions?

  • Family Events: If you don’t want to wear a chiffon saree for events in the family, then better to choose the Paithani saree. You can wear a necklace that can be worn in a duo of studs.
  • Festival:

        If you have yet to buy a saree for a party, choose the flawless motif of a         Paithani saree online that improves the styles and upgrade your wardrobe. Choose the best colour of orange, emerald or red saree to get the party up a mark this year.

  • Wedding: While not in the mood to wear a georgette saree for the festive evening session, choose a stunning saree that radiates the royal family for the major occasion. Dress up a Marathi paithani silk sarees in Mumbai that comes with a wide zari border and obscure designs, and refine the collection without accessories apart from a pair of chandelier studs.

The cleanness and consistency of our pathani sarees at the best paithani saree shop in Mumbai speak many things about the product and have implemented its birthright through many eras. Thus, choose from a multitude of sarees for your coming events.

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